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what's left of the wilderness is calling you

aim your gun at the horizon


An unfinished girl

23, traveller, British, lover of stories. Steady relationships with Doctor Who and music, first loves LOTR and Harry Potter remembered affectionately. Talks too much without thinking. Prone to finding something amusing in almost everything. Atheist, left-leaning liberal. All those who use internet / text-speak constantly are not welcome; everyone else, hello!
a lasagne for one, a thing of beauty, baiting conservatives, ben whishaw's delicate fragility, double tig a tag, everything is lolworthy, films, fucked up teenagers' lives, literature, music, objectifying david tennant, plays, rachel berry for president, so say we all, stay in the car, tea and toast, that timetravelling police box, the roads not taken, the supernatural bristolian population, too orangey for crows!, watching fandom explode